Recovery and Transportation Update

OWCN Field Stabilization Trailer

OWCN Field Stabilization Trailer

Early this morning the OWCN was alerted to a spill that occurred yesterday in the Santa Barbara Channel. Although no oiled wildlife had been reported, a short time later the California Office of Spill Prevention and Response activated the OWCN and requested we send personnel to conduct shoreline surveillance for affected animals. This proactive approach is extremely important because the sooner we are able to collect affected wildlife, the better their chances of survival. Waiting for oiled wildlife to be spotted may delay the wildlife response while personnel and equipment are deployed to the site.

Stabilization Trailer Exam Table

Stabilization Trailer Exam Table

After being activated, the OWCN sent personnel from Network participants in southern California to search the shoreline nearest the spill for evidence of affected animals. In case animals are found, the field stabilization trailer was dispatched from UC Davis. This trailer is a small, mobile clinic where animals are housed and cared for before being transported to an OWCN rehabilitation facility.

— Greg Massey, OWCN Assistant Director

Cages for holding birds

Cages for holding birds

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