Inaugural Recovery and Transportation Workshop

On 1-2 April OWCN will host the inaugural Recovery and Transportation Workshop designed to teach people how to collect, stabilize, and transport oiled wildlife during spill events. Goals of the workshop will be to:

Provide clear understanding of history and current structure of oiled wildlife response for California;

Summarize knowledge on what species are commonly oiled in California;

– Outline capture methods and safety concerns specific to oiled bird/mammal issues in California; and

Train qualified people to participate in recovery, stabilization, and transportation of oiled wildlife in California within the OWCN/OSPR network.

Ultimately, we hope to have 100 pre-trained R&T responders in the state. While this first workshop is open to a small group of pre-trained responders, later workshops this summer will be open to a wider audience. Stay tuned…

Nils Warnock

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