A successful workshop

In July, the OWCN officially takes over wildlife Recovery and Transportation responsibilities during California oil spills.  In anticipation of this new function, we have developed a day and a half workshop that is designed to be taken by all people who participate in wildlife collections efforts during oil spills.

On 1-2 April, OWCN hosted the inaugural Recovery and Transportation workshop in Cordelia. We had a total of 36 participants with talks by folks from OWCN, OSPR, and IBRRC covering topics such as the history of oil spills in California, the structure of oil spill response in the state, common species that get oiled and techniques for capturing species.

Click on the attached video and you will see a transportation exercise that our esteemed Greg Massey did with participants.

The next workshop will be held in southern California at the San Pedro facility, on 29-30 June (and we still have a few spots open).  At this fall’s Oilapalooza meeting to be held at Sea World in San Diego (23-25 Oct), we will hold a short workshop focusing on the recovery of oiled marine mammals.  These recovery and transportation workshops will be held regularly in the future with more specialized workshops planned focusing on different wildlife capture techniques.

Stay tuned for more updates!

– Nils

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