Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone! As the inception of the original Earth Day in 1970 sprung, in part, from the Platform A oil spill off of Santa Barbara in 1969, it has a special meaning to us at the OWCN every year.

Oiled scoter cared for during the 1969 Platform A oil spill

Oiled duck cared for during the 1969 Platform A spill

There are a whole host of excellent articles on this year’s Earth Day, including tips on becoming more ecologically aware and how to make a difference:

  • There is a wonderful article from the developer of Earth Day, Sen. Gaylord Perry, talking about how it came about and what it has done since.
  • The EnviroLink Network, an amazing online information hub for environmental issues, has a online activities calendar which shows the numerous events being hosted today.
  • The US EPA has an excellent website on what local individuals can do to help in their communities.
  • The US Fish and Wildlife Service site has published 10 ways they feel citizens can help wildlife and wildlife conservation.
  • The US Government has compiled a comprehensive portal to help the public find info on Earth Day activities and actions.

Whatever you do and wherever you are, please take time today to appreciate our environment.  And remember, World Ocean Day is June 8th!

-Mike Ziccardi, Director

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