A Lasting Impression

Recently January and I conducted an outreach seminar for one of the OWCN member organizations. For those who are unfamiliar, outreach seminars are part of the OWCN training program. We conduct these short, customized programs quarterly at various OWCN member organization facilities.

When thinking of something to blog about today, I was reminded of a retired couple who attended the seminar and volunteer at the facility. They bring their camper and stay nearby for two weeks at a time, working full time every day they’re there. When the two weeks are up, they travel home for a short break and then return for another two-week session. This is a routine the facility’s staff has come to depend upon.

Long ago I recognized the fact that volunteers make the world go ’round when it comes to wildlife rehabilitation. I respect and value the contribution these folks make on a daily basis to our member organizations and especially during spill responses. But this couple’s enthusiasm, dedication, and joy in what they were doing left a lasting impression that I felt like sharing with the rest of you. I suspect they have many kindred spirits out there, but I doubt many have chosen the gypsy lifestyle they’ve embraced – all for the sake of some animals in need. For my part I wanted to offer them a special thank you and hope their example might inspire others like it inspired me.


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