Oiled Bird Rehabilitation Improvements

Just wanted to share with everyone some of the work that we have done to advance our preparedness in the event that another large oil spill response occurs at the San Francisco Bay Oiled Wildlife Care and Education Center(SFBOWCEC). The stabilization room is now filled with new soft-sided net-bottom pens that were designed by Don.

609 056

Soft-sided net-bottom pens at the SFBOWCEC

Shannon and IBRRC volunteers worked diligently to assemble them.  The gain of having soft sides to the pens is that they help prevent bumper wounds on flighty birds and are easier to clean. Bumper wounds can progress to a state that impacts flight ability and ultimately release. We have also installed two sinks in the stabilization room.  Having these sinks in stabilization provides us with the option of removing the contaminant from the bird’s legs while they recover prior to being washed.  Oil left on their delicate legs and feet can lead to complications that can arise from prolonged exposure.609 057

We are confident these amendments will improve our ability to care for oiled birds and we will continue to try to advance our response capabilities for oiled wildlife.



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