Always Responding

Sometimes people ask, “Do you get bored when there’s no oil spill?” All of the UC Davis OWCN staff would answer this question with a resounding “No!” No oiled animals doesn’t mean we sit around playing ping pong all day. Preparing for oiled animals like elephant seals, snowy plovers, sea turtles – and even antelope ground squirrels, takes a lot of planning, creativity and innovation.

Our mission is to be ready to respond in environments that range from marsh to desert to open ocean. Trying to figure out the best equipment, supplies, and techniques to accomplish this mission is a daunting task. And even when we think we’ve figured out the best way to do something, an oil spill comes along and shows us how to do things better.

One of our greatest challenges is trying to find cool ways to keep our member organizations’ volunteers engaged and up to date on all the improvements we’re constantly making. To help with this, we’ve tried to do a better job of using technology to our advantage. Online training classes help us reach out to individuals throughout California, and we’re learning how to deliver more and more content on our website. An example of this is the short video below I put together this evening (couldn’t have done it without my hand model January:). Educational videos like this can be found in the “Network Members” section of our website.


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