More on HAZWOPER trainings

Last Friday (10 July) at the San Francisco Oiled Wildlife Care & Education Center, Greg Massey, Mike Ziccardi, and I taught our first, of what we hope are many, 8 hr HAZWOPER refresher course.  This refresher course is targeted specifically for people responding to oil spills in California, with a coastal emphasis (who have already taken 24 hr. HAZWOPER – see last blog].  Topics that we cover include such things as chemical toxicology (emphasis on petroleum products), biological and physical dangers that oil spill responders face during wildlife recovery operations and at treatment facilities, communication protocol during spill events, and putting on and getting off Personal Protection Equipment (like the lovely Tyvek suits).

We also announced our summer/fall HAZWOPER training schedule (both 8 hr refreshers and 24 hr classes) that we are conducting jointly with OSPR in northern and southern California.  Dates and locations of next four classes are:

1)      11-13 August 2009, 24 Hour HAZWOPER at  San Pedro, CA (SoCAl)

To sign up go to:

2)      19 August 2009, 8 hr HAZWOPER refresher at San Pedro, CA

To sign up go to:

3)      13-15 October  2009, 24 Hour HAZWOPER at Fairfield, CA (NorCal)

[Class is full]

4)      16 October  2009, 8 Hour HAZWOPER refresher at Fairfield, CA

To sign up go to:

Note that these trainings are generally restricted to members of OWCN’s network organizations, especially people who have significant wildlife handling experience and those who have taken the Wildlife Recovery and Transportation workshop.  While taking HAZWOPER training does not guarantee that you will be picked to help with wildlife recovery operations during spills it is one significant (and required) step in that direction.

– Nils Warnock

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