Only as good as its parts – OWCN’s network

A network organization, like the Oiled Wildlife Network (OWCN), is only as good as the other groups in the network.  Currently, there are 25 other organizations that make up OWCN (see Figure), all unique in their own way and helping to rehabilitate and preserve California’s wildlife.

OWCN Network Organizations

I was reminded how dedicated and great these other groups are as I read one of Charlie Moore’s blogs that he writes under the name of 10,000 Birds.  In July, Charlie visited one of the key network organizations within OWCN, the International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC).  As a result, he wrote a glowing overview of the work that IBRRC does that makes them one of the lead oil spill bird rehabilitation groups in the world.  I encourage you  to read the blog at:

In other network news, OWCN’s board just approved four new member organizations for the network, bringing the total number up to 29.  These new groups include:

1)      The Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association (FMSA) – dedicated to protecting the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary’s wildlife and habitats through the development of a diverse community of informed and active ocean stewards. See their web page  at

2)      Golden Gate Audubon – dedicated to protecting Bay Area birds, other wildlife, and their natural habitats.  See their web page at

3)      Richardson Bay Center and Sanctuary of Audubon California – a Sanctuary providing habitat for migratory waterbirds and other wildlife.  See their web page at

4)      San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory – dedicated to the conservation of birds and their habitats through science and outreach, and to contributing to informed resource management decisions in the San Francisco Bay Area.  See their web page at

We welcome these new members and acknowledge the existing members of OWCN.  Without these organizations we would not be the leading oil-spill response network in the country.

– Nils Warnock

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