2008-2009 Online Training Series Comes to Close

Online Training Series (OTS) Screen Shot

The OWCN has recently concluded its 2008-2009 Online Training Series (OTS) season! For those of you who are not familiar with this program, in December 2008, the OWCN launched its OTS program as a replacement to its Basic Training. The Basic Training was originally conducted in a classroom and proved to be restrictive to many potential participants due to travel costs, class size limitations and scheduling difficulties. To increase access to Basic Training courses, the OWCN moved the program from the classroom to the Internet and created the OTS program.

As with every new program, we encountered a few hiccups and then there were the full-on burps with this new interactive system. However, for those of you who were willing to join us on this new adventure, the OWCN would like to extends its heartfelt thanks! Without your willingness to test this new system, provide wonderful feedback and patience we could not have gotten this program off the ground.

For those interested in participating in the OWCN’s Online Training Series, we’ll be releasing the 2009-2010 schedule later this year, so please continue to check our Web site and blog for updates. In the meantime, to learn more, please visit our Web site. which highlights the OTS program.


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