Wash Lab in Estonia

I just got back from the Effects of Oil on Wildlife 10th International Conference in Tallinn, Estonia.  During the conference I had the opportunity to teach an advanced oiled bird wash lab with 3 other oil spill responders from different response organizations. The lab was facilitated by Curt Clumpner (International Bird Rescue Research Center).

Participants in the lab were taken to the Keila Wildlife Hospital where they received hands on training on advanced bird washing and waterproofing techniques. The Keila Wildlife Hospital is a temporary wildlife hospital that was built during the 2006 oiled wildlife incident in Estonia (http://www.sea-alarm.org/?m=2006). During the lab each instructor shared their wash techniques, equipment, and philosophies with the class.  The lab was unique in that all of the instructors discussed the differences between techniques used for achieving the same goal of efficiently and safely removing contaminant from oiled birds.

It was an honor to meet and work with other oiled wildlife responders from around the world and share information for improving oiled wildlife rehabilitation.

~ January

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