2009 Annual Rehabilitation Conference

This past weekend the we successfully pulled off our second annual rehabilitation conference. The conference provides lectures and workshops to volunteers and staff of OWCN member organizations on subjects pertaining to oiled wildlife rehabilitation. This year the conference was co-hosted by the Hubbs SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI) and SeaWorld San Diego. I’d like to personally thank the HSWRI and SeaWorld staff involved for all their hard work, but Dr. Pam Yochem, Lauren Dubois and Diana Gailband deserve special thanks. They were key to making sure everything ran smoothly.

I also want to thank the speakers who gave presentations on Saturday and the instructors from Sunday’s workshops. Dr. Pam Yochem, Dr. Julia Burco, Dr. Dave Jessup, Dr. Becky Duerr, Michelle Bellizzi, Scott Buhl, Kaiti Ferguson and Curt Clumpner all delivered their presentations in person, but Sarah Tegtmeier joined us via the internet all the way from Delaware. Curt Clumpner, Wendy Massey, January Bill, Marie Travers, Diana Humple, Renee Cormier, Dr. Pam Yochem, Michelle Bellizzi, Julie Skogland, Dr. Mike Ziccardi, Dr. Nils Warnock, and Don Ballard all were instructors during Sunday’s workshops.

Without the time and hard work all of these people put into the conference it would not have been possible. I also need to acknowledge the hard work some of the UC Davis OWCN staff. Lavonne Hull managed logistics, Kaiti Ferguson dealt with registration and communicated with dozens of registrants to make sure they had the information needed, and January Bill organized the Sunday workshops.

I hope that everyone who was able to attend  learned something new and also had some fun. In case you’re interested, I’ve attached a short movie with a few pictures from the conference. Keep a look out on our website for details of next year’s conference. I hope to see you there.


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