Dubai Star Response Update: 1200, Oct 31




Things are progressing smoothly for the OWCN on this spill response, but activities are beginning to ramp up.

We have had 5 recovery & transportation teams out since this morning, covering between Oakland Airport and Berkeley by land and Treasure Island and over to San Francisco by boat.  Nils is in constant contact with each of these teams (from IBRRC, PRBO and UC Davis), and is also receiving info from the general public regarding sightings through the OWCN Wildlife Reporting Hotline.

So far, our teams have reported about a dozen oiled birds in the water, but no wildlife yet on shore or able to be captured.  Birds in the water are extremely difficult to capture at this stage in a spill, as they are still healthy enough to actively evade capture.  Our plan is to continue to cover these areas so we can recover any oiled birds as quickly as possible once they are able to be captured.  We are also planning to expand recovery efforts tomorrow morning as we are beginning to see oiled birds in the water.  Nils will be blogging more on this later today.



Laird Henkel, Wildlife Branch Director from DFG-OSPR, planning wildlife operations at the Command Post

On the animal care front, I am in Alameda ready to stabilize any wildlife that might be captured today, with January ready to come down and head up the effort should things expand. Greg Massey is readying the Fairfield facility to receive birds after stabilization.  Hopefully these efforts will just remain preparatory, but we are “planning for the worst – hoping for the best”.


More later today on these efforts.

– Mike


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