Day 5 of Dubai Star Oil Spill

For the wildlife recovery teams, it was another beautiful, warm, sunny day and a relatively quiet one.  We ended up catching three live oiled birds, a Western Grebe, a Surf Scoter, and an American Coot.  I do not think that we found any dead birds today.

Western Grebe being stabalized

Yvette stabilized the birds at our mobile lab (the rat rig) by giving them liquids.  We then handed the birds over to a great volunteer, Cindy, who agreed to drive the birds up to our primary treatment facility in Fairfield.

We had hoped to catch a batch of American Coots that are oiled and still very mobile.  To do this, we set up a barrier net type trap before the low tide and then worked the birds towards the net.

We had a beautiful set up with about 20 coots in front of the nets when most of them were flushed by a Red-tailed Hawk.  The coots quickly returned to the trap area and again set up in front of the net.

Coot trapping with San Franciso in background

However, when we triggered the traps, the net failed to deploy and we did not catch any of these coots. That was disappointing but typical of this type of work.  We will try again tomorrow.

– Nils

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