From the SFBOWCEC: Morning, Day 5

Good morning to all. Our plan today is to fully wash all the birds that received a “quick wash” two days ago. These birds were examined this morning and blood samples were drawn for testing. They passed all pre-requisites for being washed, so they all should be clean by late this afternoon.

Some of the coots washed yesterday were moved outside to our small pool aviary this morning to begin regaining their waterproofing. I’ve included a short video of birds in the aviary. I apologize to any of you who get motion sickness. I was hiding and shooting around a corner so the bird’s wouldn’t see me and be stressed. You’ll notice some of them are standing in the sun, and some are in the water eating and drinking (the green stuff on the water surface is actually food).

One of the many advantages to having the San Francisco Bay Oiled Wildlife Care and Education Center always available is that there are several different types of pools and aviaries ready to accommodate the needs of many different species. Flexibility is always the key to any oiled wildlife response.


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