Day 7 of Dubai Star Oil Spill – Report From the Field

For me, a day back in Davis seeing the family and collecting some traps to try on the remaining oiled American Coots.  Today, Yvette was the Recovery and Transportation supervisor and she and the three field teams had a quiet day (the quiet day before the storm?).  As far as I know, no birds were caught, although part of the day was spent scouting out good areas to try to capture some of the coots that we know are oiled.   Even oiled, the coots appear to be pretty hardy but from birds that we have collected, we know that the oil can burn their skin, so we are anxious to get them out and cleaned.

Oiled American Coot

I head back to the field early tomorrow morning where we will try to trap coots using a net gun.  Stay tuned for that.  The incredible, calm, warm weather has changed and there are even forecasts of showers over the next few days.  Either way, we will be out there looking for oiled wildlife.

– Nils

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