From the SFBOWCEC: Day 7 Dubai Star Response

We had six oiled birds arrive at the facility last night. They are all stable this morning and blood values are good, but the skin irritation observed when they were admitted last night has gotten worse. This has been a problem we’ve observed in almost all the birds affected by this spill so we’re going to go ahead and wash them this afternoon. Normally we’d give them more rehab care prior to wash, but they were stabilized at the RAT (recovery and transportation) rig yesterday before transport, and we need to get the product off their skin so it doesn’t cause more damage.

The shore birds are in an outside aviary and their waterproofing is steadily improving. They are also eating well and gaining weight so that’s a good sign. The coots that were already washed are spending their days outside in shallow pools and continue to improve. Even though they’re eating, we’re still giving them medications and supplemental food a couple of times a day. I’ve enclosed a short video clip showing one of the birds being treated.


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