Loss of Time Phenomenon (Part II)

Yesterday I mentioned the loss of time phenomenon that can occur with oil spill responders. Often we find ourselves dashing about the facility, tubing birds, cleaning cages, monitoring pools, etc. When we find a chance to look up we realize that hours, even a day, has passed.

Today while driving to the San Francisco Bay Oiled Wildlife Care and Education Center at 6 a.m. (yup, that’s right) I realized that a very big day had passed for a good friend of the OWCN. Although I’ve only been with the OWCN for a year now, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and get to know Mike Ziccardi’s graduate student Julia Burco. Yesterday Julia had her Exit Seminar. For those not familiar with the term it was basically her big day to present her research and complete the process for obtaining her Ph.D.

Julia Burco's Exit Seminar

Julia Burco at her Exit Seminar.

For the past five(-ish) years Julia has been conducting research to address the many gaps in knowledge that exist in understanding the ecology of aspergillosis in highly susceptible birds, such as accurate antemortem diagnosis, role of fungal burdens in the environment, and the importance of host susceptibility. Recently she presented her research at the OWCN’s Annual Rehabilitation Conference in San Diego where many of you were able to meet her!

Anyway, although it’s a day late, the OWCN team would like to extend a huge congratulations to Julia! We’re all incredibly proud of her accomplishment.


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