Day 9 of Dubai Star Oil Spill – Report from the field

Another beautiful, sunny day here in Alameda and another day where the birds have just barely dribbled in.  Duane and Harv, who have been working from a kayak, just called to say that they captured one of the oiled American Coots that we have targeted and earlier today they caught another one of the oiled coots.  Slowly and surely we are getting the worst of the coots.

Otherwise, things have been quiet.  A reporter from Alameda came by to hear a bit about how the spill response is going.  I have also been trying to catch up on some of the paper work that seems to accumulate during spills.  We have a log of birds that comes through the stabilization facility and I entered those data into a spreadsheet.  I also entered the names of all of the people who have helped on the Recovery and Transportation side of the spill response.  We have been fortunate to have the help of about 30 people, all with 24 hour HAZWOPER training and training in how to capture and recover oiled wildlife (except for a few volunteers who have just helped on transporting birds to the Fairfield facility).  Two network organizations have provided most of the trained help – the International Bird Rescue Research Center ( and PRBO Conservation Science (  The staff of both of these groups has been fantastic.


– Nils

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