Day 10 of Dubai Star Oil Spill – Report from the field

It has been so busy these past few days that yesterday I flat out forgot to recognize that two years ago to the day (7 Nov 2007) we had the Cosco Busan oil spill in San Francisco Bay.  Instead of 400-800 gallons of oil, over 50,000 gallons of oil were spilled into the Bay during the Cosco Busan incident.  While I am glad that the Dubai Star spilled only a small amount of oil, it is sad that we still have spills with such frequency just here in the Bay.

Today was another fairly slow day with one heavily oiled American Coot captured on Bay Farm Island.  Since we have put a lot of pressure on the coots in trying to capture the oiled ones, they are getting very wary when we are around.  Tomorrow we will use the net guns again (and I have added a close up picture of the net gun for those of you who have never seen one) if we can find a roost of coots to trap at.

Net Gun

After tomorrow, the stabilization trailer will get hauled back to Davis and we will drop down to one roaming capture team for the rest of the week.  We encourage anyone who sees a stranded bird that they think is oiled to call the hot line (877-  UCD – OWCN or 877-823-6926)

– Nils

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