I must apologize for not posting the past couple of days. As Kaiti has noted in her past entries, time gets away from you way too easily here. In fact, I’d forgotten to check the score of the Charger’s game yesterday and only found out they’d won when Mike called in the evening to see how things were going. Anyone who knows me knows it’s VERY unusual for me not to be on top of a Charger’s game.

So back to the update, we received two oiled coots on the 7th and one on the 8th. The two birds from the 7th were washed yesterday afternoon and are stable this morning. The bird admitted yesterday afternoon was caught in the morning and stabilized in the field before being transported. It was pretty obvious he’d already received some care because last night and this morning he was very active in his cage. His blood tests looked good so he’ll be washed this afternoon after being fed a few times this morning.

We’ve been doing pre-release exams on several of the birds today. I just saw the blood work and it’s looking like some of the birds will be returning to the wild in the very near future. We’ve been talking with the Wildlife Branch Director this morning. He’ll get the ball rolling to see about getting approval from the Unified Command and finding a safe and appropriate location for the release. We’ll make sure to keep you guys posted as things progress.


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