One of the perks of being the Director is having the ability to bump a regularly scheduled blog post on facility operations for gratuitous happy release images!!

We released our first batch of birds this afternoon (5 coots, 2 Western/Clark’s grebes, 1 eared grebe, 1 horned grebe and one greater scaup).  As you can see from these images, they were happy to get out of Dodge (or Fairfield – wherever works for you). January took two of our wonderful volunteers (Corinne Burchette and Sarah Warnock – yes, even family members get dragged into spills) down to Berkeley Marina, where they met up with Laird Henkel (DFG-OSPR) and Anne Ardillo (another super volunteer) for the event.

Our hope is to evaluate most of the remaining birds this coming Thursday for another release at the end of this week.  Stay tuned!

– Mike



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