Demobilized: A Love Letter to My Office

Dear Office,

When I first started working at the OWCN I never fully appreciated our time together. My attention was divided. I was often thinking of I what would be doing while away from you and working a response. However, after this recent spill I understand how important you are to me.

Granted, being away from you was exciting. Each day I was gone I was dashing around the facility, making phone calls and working with pre-trained volunteers and staff members. And now that I’m back with you, my days have been filled with routine activities like combing through receipts, reviewing forgotten “to-do” lists, and the time intensive process of reading and responding to emails that have piled up in the past week. Although being with you and performing these tasks may not seem as exciting as my time away from you, I have a new appreciation for these days with you.

After working this spill I understand that the work done with you is just as important as the work I do while away from you during a spill response. It’s the time that I spend with you that allows me to immediately jump into the action. Yes, it took an oil spill for me to really see how much you mean to me, but I see it now. Thank you so much for each day we spend together.

Much affection,


Kaiti's Office

My home away from home.

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