My last day working on the Dubai Star Wildlife Response was spent processing dead birds with Diana Humple.  I first met Diana during the 2002 Luchenbach oiled wildlife response.  She works for PRBO Conservation Science ( ), which is one of our response member organizations.  During most responses she leads the processing team, collecting and securing evidence and vital data that is used for impact assessment and our reponse efforts.  Most often volunteers don’t have the opportunity to work with her because the work she performs is done in the necropsy room. Although I was working with dead birds it was a nice way to spend my last day of the response .  Diana taught me some new species identification tips and more importantly our time spent together reminded me of all of the different people and processes that make oild wildlife response efforts effective.  Laundry, search and collection, animal care, volunteer cordination, intake , cleaning cages, logistics, processing, networking,  coot wrangling, There are many unseen and unsung heros during our response efforts.

Thank You Volunteers & Staff! ~ January



Summary of Dubai Star Wildlife Response Animal Numbers

Birds Mammals
# Released 28 0
# Died / Euthanized 19 0
# In care at SFBOWCEC 2 0
Total live collected from field 49 0
Total dead collected from field 21 0

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