Preparing for 2010

In addition to addressing action items from the Dubai Star Debrief, we are also preparing for 2010 Recovery and Transportation (R&T) trainings.  We will start off next year with an R&T course in Northern California.  This training will work specifically with our newest member organizations: the Golden Gate Audubon Society, The Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association, and the Richardson Bay Audubon Center & Sanctuary.

The 2-day R&T course will focus on bird recovery during an oil spill event and will specifically address policies and procedures for assisting during oil spill responses.  Individuals who are participating in this course should have successfully completed 24hr HAZWOPER  training, volunteer or work at a member organization, have experience with observing and/or capturing birds and experience recording scientific data.

The goals of this training are to:

  • Provide a clear understanding of the history and current structure of oiled wildlife responses in California
  • Summarize knowledge on what species are commonly impacted during oil spills in California
  • Outline capture methods and safety concerns specific to oiled bird issues in California
  • Train qualified people to participate in recovery and transportation of oiled wildlife

We will continue to outline other courses for 2010 and will distribute a schedule for OWCN Member Organizations.  If you are interested in obtaining more information about the R&T or HAZWOPER trainings please feel free to contact me directly.  I look forward to meeting more of you during our trainings.

Additionally I would like to a moment to thank all of the personnel who assisted with the Dubai Star response.  We could not have done such an effective job without your support, dedication, and skills.

Thank you,


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