Recovery & Transportation Training

We had our first Recovery & Transportation (R&T) Training for 2010 this past weekend.  This year’s R&T training went quite well.  The goal of this training was to:R&T training 2010

  • Provide a clear understanding of the history and current structure of oiled wildlife responses in California
  • Summarize knowledge on what species are commonly affected during oil spills in California
  • Outline capture methods and safety concerns specific to oiled bird issues in California

This day and a half training was held in a beautiful area of Marin Headlands.   We were able to host 35 attendees from three Member Organizations:  Golden Gate Audubon, Richardson Bay Audubon Center and Sanctuary and Gulf of Farallones Marine Sanctuary Association. These organizations were recently added to the OWCN and it was a pleasure to begin working with them.

The attendees were enthusiastic and had a lot of great feedback for our future trainings and responses. We look forward to working with these individuals in the field and interacting with them more closely during spill drills and responses.  I want to thank all of those who dedicated their weekend to attend this training.  We hope that everyone learned information and skills that will benefit wildlife in the future.

Thank you,


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