Huntington Beach Canal Spill: Day 2

Two teams have been activated this morning to provide recovery & transportation efforts at the spill site. Because of access problems and only one skiff available, one team will start on water with the second team provide land-based support.  If it looks as if a second boat will be most helpful, the OWCN will purchase a second one for use to collect any oiled birds.

Yesterday’s operations were successful.  As of last night, one oiled bird was collected alive and three dead birds were reported collected by the field team and clean-up operators.  Because these birds were officially logged in later last night, we don’t have all of the details on what species, whether the dead birds were oiled, etc., but will be providing that info in a later blog today.  All birds are being stabilized (i.e., given first aid) at the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center i Huntington Beach, then transported to the Los Angeles Oiled Bird Care & Education Center for primary care.

Keep checking our blog for more info as it develops.  The most recent news release by the Unified Command can be found here.

– Mike

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