Huntington Beach Canal Spill Day 3: Update

Clean up efforts at the Huntington Beach Canal spill continue today as do the efforts by our Recovery and Transportation crews.  Today we had three people out trying to capture oiled wildlife, Debbie and Lisa from the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center and Paul from International Bird Rescue and Research Center.

Today, the crew managed to capture one live oiled Bufflehead (a beautiful, small, diving duck, see picture) and recover one dead oiled Bufflehead.  Our tentative totals are now 6 live birds and 5 dead.

Capture conditions are quite difficult since much of the oiled water is in a steep, metal sided canal where one needs 40 hr HAZWOPER training to enter; also, there is a lot of clean-up activity going on and many feet of boom have been put out to contain the oil.

Rain is expected tonight and tomorrow so we will see how that affects efforts, but a team will be out searching for oiled wildlife.

– Nils

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