Huntington Beach Canal Spill Day 4

Today, with OSPR staff, Debbie and Lisa from the Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center searched for live and dead oiled wildlife.  Lisa provided photographs of the spill area so you can see the challenge that they face.

Early in the morning they found a dead, oiled raccoon in the water that either fell in the channel and got oiled or got oiled in other ways.  They spent part of the day with OSPR folks down in the channel in a boat trying to catch a live, oiled American Coot but the water is shallow, there is a lot of boom out, and the bird can still fly.  A bird hazing crew has been busy trying to keep birds and other wildlife out of the oil-affected areas.

So far today, four heavily oiled, dead birds have been located and brought in.

Strategies for tomorrow are still being planned out.

– Nils

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