Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year!

Since I’m currently in China, I thought I’d write a quick post regarding the Lunar New Year!

The year 2010 is the year of the Tiger–grrr! Evidently this sign is traditionally associated with massive change and social upheaval. So according to some people, this year will likely be full of changes on both a large (global) and small (personal) scale. Although the year of the Tiger didn’t begin until February 14, I think the OWCN felt the rumbling of this sign’s characteristics a little early in January with the oil spill in Huntington Beach and saying goodbye to two staff members (January Bill and Greg Massey).

However, while change can be viewed as something not-so-great, I think we have to remember that change can be a really good thing! As oil spill responders we live and work in a world that is  governed by change. So as we welcome the Year of the Tiger instead of dreading what this year may have in store, I dare you to grab it by the tail, hang on tight, and enjoy the ride! 新年快樂 (happy new year)!


(By the way, Kaiti rocks for blogging while on vacation in China – MZ)

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