Farewell OWCN

Dear OWCN Members,

It is with mixed feelings that I inform you all of my decision to leave my position at the Wildlife Health Center (WHC) as the Wildlife Field Operations Assistant.  It has been a very difficult choice for me, especially since I have enjoyed working with all of you so much.  However given the challenging economic environment in California, my family and I have come to a crossroad and unfortunately need to relocate.  We will be relocating to Madison, Wisconsin, where I plan to continue my career in wildlife biology and veterinary medicine.

I will truly miss working with all the passionate staff and volunteers who have dedicated so much to oiled wildlife care in California. Over these last seven years, working for the Wildlife Health Center I have met so many dedicated wildlife professionals who have collaborated and supported so many of the projects I have worked on.  It is so wonderful to work with people who are focused on improving the welfare of California’s wildlife.  I continue to be impressed and inspired by your dedication and caring.

I hope that my future continues to include collaborative work with the WHC.  It has been a gratifying experience working here and having the opportunity to work with so many passionate and bright individuals.  This environment exposed me to so many great aspects of wildlife medicine and biology that I can take with me in my future endeavors.

However, I will remain as an oil spill responder on the UC Davis team to assist during California oiled wildlife events.

Thank you all again for your guidance and support over past seven years.


Yvette Hernandez

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