Interesting Wildlife Disturbance Podcast

In exploring ongoing marine wildlife issues (and how they relate to oil spill readiness), I came across a very interesting and informative podcast posted on the website.

Photo courtesy of Mary Jane Schramm

The descriptor is as follows: “While we enjoy observing coastal wildlife, it’s important to avoid disturbing them. Our guest Mary Jane Schramm, Media and Public Outreach Specialist with the Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, says failing to be respectful and cautious when encountering harbor seals can have dire impacts on their population.”

This podcast well illustrates why we often do not try and capture each pinniped with a tar ball on its hair during oil spills, as well as why we have to be so careful in searching for oiled birds in areas where pinnipeds are pupping.  It also discusses the challenges associated with dogs and wildlife – challenges that we have faced in both the Cosco Busan as well as the Dubai Star spills in the San Francisco Bay area.

Please click here to listen to this piece.

– Mike

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