Student Letters…

As the Volunteer Coordinator for the OWCN I have a lot of different job requirements. However, one of the best parts of my job is reading the letters sent to us from students around the United States. Most of the letters are from students between the grades of fourth and seventh. Some of the letters ask great questions, others express concern over oil spills, but all of them want to know how they can help. So instead of hoarding these to myself, I thought I’d share a few excerpts from them with you.

“I want to know how can children help save our animals and help clean up oil spills. How can they help the environment to be  a better place? Not a place that’s all destroyed by a spill that could happen any moment, at any time, at any place?”  -Jaeden, Branson , MO

“What concerns me most [about oil spills] is the animals dying, so I want to know more information on helping cleanup or prevent oil spills.” -Athena, Tampa, FL.

“I don’t like oil spills because they can hurt animals. What would you do if an oil spill was so bad it took so long to clean it up? PLEASE WRITE BACK!” -Britney, Breckenridge, TX

“I would like to thank you for saving the sick and dying animals that have been affected in many oil spills… how can I help and do what you do?” -Kyle, Findlay, OH

“How can kids help support and clean oil spills out of our water?”

“How could I do my part to prevent or clean oil spills?” -Nick, Madison, SD


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