Little spill here and big (potentially) spill elsewhere

Life can change very quickly in the oil spill world and over the past few days I was reminded of this a few times.

Over the weekend, while checking out the world news, I read that a tanker filled with fuel and coal slammed into part of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.  Some of fuel from the tanker has leaked and the disabled ship sits out on the reef waiting for salvage action.  One of the big fears is that the wave action will cause the boat to break up and spill its fuel load out into this delicate ecosystem.

For more, you can see ‘Australia rushes to contain Barrier Reef oil spill


Closer to home, last night I received a call from Debbie McGuire at one of our network organizations, Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center, saying that there has been a small oil incident near the site of the recent Huntington Beach Canal Spill.  This time, the large earthquake centered near Mexicali disrupted a pump in a recovery pond at a local electric company causing a small spill.  Four Mallards were oiled and treated by Debbie’s group.

Lesson of the day – keep your oil spill response training up to date!  You never know when you will be needed.

– Nils

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