Deepwater Horizon: Volunteer Information

This morning the Deepwater Horizon Response posted information pertaining to volunteers on its Facebook, which is open to the public.

Working with volunteers
BP is coordinating and deploying thousands of volunteers who are offering their help. These volunteers are considered a critical part of a proactive response to the oil spill. Volunteer activities are focused on clearing the beaches of existing debris. Clearing the beaches prior to a potential oil spill reaching the shoreline and sand advances the efficiency of oil clean-up if necessary.

There are five BP community outreach sites training, preparing and engaging volunteers:
• Pensacola, Florida
• Venice, Louisiana
• Mobile, Alabama
• Pascagoula, Mississippi
• Biloxi, Mississippi

A robust process is in place to assure that:
• The skills of volunteers are put to the most effective use using an assessment process;
• The volunteers are trained in personal safety;
• The volunteers have proper training and certification from the authoritative organizations and companies required by OSHA for shoreline cleaning of oil should it reach the beaches of the four Gulf States at risk: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

We realize that many people want to help with the response effort. We already have requests from thousands of people willing to volunteer to clean up the beaches now and if and when the oil comes to shore. To help organize volunteers we established a phone line for them to call: 866-448-5816.

The U.S. Coast Guard leads the volunteer effort if shoreline cleanup is needed. Shoreline cleanup volunteers must have training including hazardous materials training required by OSHA and EPA. Only volunteers who have been trained and provide appropriate certification are allowed to assist.

People can also check with their individual states for potential state led volunteer opportunities.


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