Deepwater Horizon Day 10: I Have Met The Wall…..


I have indeed met the Day 10 wall and I am his.

Not a stellar day for the OMTU.  No oiled animals still collected (hurray!) but the geopolitical winds of the spill are rocking my world. I was planning for a very interesting discussion tonight but am just plum’ tuckered out (yes, been here awhile).

Pls check back tomorrow for a topic near and dear to my heart, I promise.

– Mike

3 thoughts on “Deepwater Horizon Day 10: I Have Met The Wall…..

  1. Hi Mike,
    just finished reading through your blogs from Louisiana. Wow! Glad to hear that no oiled animals were collected yesterday. However, sure sounds like you could use some help with all the people/agency hoops you have to run through each day. Geopolitical winds are the worst kind! Wish I could be there to assist you. If you think you could use the help of an experienced campaigner at working through obstructionists and chaos, I might be able to come over and wield a sword in your honor. Or, I could just relieve you of some of the minutia you are having to deal with freeing you up to do what only you can do.
    Seriously, been there done that with Hurricane Katrina so would be happy to assist in anyway I can.

    At any rate, thanks for doing all you do. I know the frustration and exhaustion must be catching up with you. Hang in there!

    Moira Fitzgerald, RVT

  2. Hi Mike! I haven’t commented because you have (way more than)enough to do without more reading. Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate whenever you’ve got the juice left to share your insider’s p.o.v. about what’s happening.

    Hang in there; this mess would obviously be much, much worse without you and your extraordinary allies on the case. Wishing you some restorative vegetarian red beans and rice soon!

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