Keeping an Eye on Two Fronts

Today I had the opportunity to attend a spill preparedness forum in Oakland. As I sat through a number of presentations focusing on oil spill readiness and response in the San Francisco Bay, I thought that tonight’s blog should focus on the fact that although the OWCN is assisting with the Deepwater Horizon spill, we’re also keeping an eye on things in California.

Although we’ve sent our director Mike Ziccardi to Louisiana and have our team on standby to be deployed if needed, the OWCN is careful to make sure that if a spill occurs in California that we’re ready and able to respond.

During large scale spills it’s important for agencies and organizations such as the OWCN to assist with responses by either collaborating and/or deploying equipment or personnel. However, it’s also equally important for our organization to be prepared for spills that may occur concurrently in California.

While it can be bit exhausting keeping an eye on two places, it’s definitely worth it knowing that we’re helping to make a positive impact on an ongoing response, while maintaining our ability to provide the best achievable capture and care of oil-affected wildlife in our home state.


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