Deepwater Horizon Day 17: Swept Away

I hate to do this to my loyal followers (all three of you!), but the whirlwinds of political and organizational maelstroms have once again taken hold of me – I am in need of time tonight to work on some additional documentation for tomorrow.

So I will leave you with a very nice link for a gorgeous National Geographic photodocumentary of 10 key species at risk here for the spill (you will recognize several discussed here on this blog).

Until then, have a wonderful weekend.

– Mike

3 thoughts on “Deepwater Horizon Day 17: Swept Away

  1. Mike, day 17! How do you do it? We know how. Passionate commitment to your work and the greater good!

    Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t keep up the good fight if you fail to take care of your body and mind. All three of your loyal followers appreciate all you are doing and the fact you share with us your journey. We don’t begrudge you the time you need to prepare for the daily challenges. Thanks for all you do. Onward and Upward!

  2. Those ARE gorgeous photos. And I echo the previous comment. Take good care of yourself out there, and thanks for keeping us plugged in with this blog!

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