Deepwater Horizon Ops Period 44: Deja Vu All Over Again…

Well, I am back in the saddle again (following up on my Roy Rogers quote from my previous blog posting.  I love symmetry). However, I must admit it has not been a seamless transition back into spill-land. There are hints of the movie “Groundhog Day” at every turn.

The OMTU was in great hands while I was away but, with the enormity of the event, even keeping tabs on the activities via conference calls and emails (which met with some consternation in Davis on many fronts), many changes and shifts have taken place in the week that I was away. Trying to ride these waves over the past day (coupled with lengthy early flights, the time change, a not-so-restive weekend at home due to a soccer tourney, and a battle with a smoky hotel room until the wee hours of the morning), as well as reports today of more significant impacts to bird populations off of LA, have left me running on fumes this evening.

So, I would like to start this trip off with just a few tidbits to whet your appetite for a more satisfying post tomorrow night:

  • Change in Blog Title: As one commenter to the blog noted, my days did not match the days of the spill.  Very apt and salient point! I had started it based on when I was deployed but, since I have come back, I am switching to the “operational period” for the spill.
  • Animal Status: As Kaiti blogged previously, animal totals are now being provided on the Deepwater Horizon website – from numbers we at the OMTU have been providing to the Unified Command on a daily basis since the start of the spill.  You will note that we now have collected 26 visibly oiled live turtles -most of which have come from on-water operations that we have expanded significantly over the past two weeks.  I’ll speak more to that tomorrow.  Suffice it to say the turtles are doing very well in the capable hands at Audubon Aquarium. We will also be posting these numbers on the OWCN homepage so that they are easily accessible to our loyal OWCN followers!
  • OMTU Status: Working once again with the outstanding Sarah Wilkin, and joined by Alexis Gutierrez and Mendy Garron – both of NOAA and both wonderful teammates in the Group.

The remainder I will leave for tomorrow.  Cheers!

– Mike

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