Deepwater Horizon Day 47: Hello Wall, My Old Friend…

In looking at the crimson red digits on the alarm clock (yes, back at the La Quinta of Houma – different room but the same glowing numerals) taunting me saying 10:27, after working on daily reports and updated turtle and mammal information in my room after leaving the ICC, I realize that I have been here for five days thus far on this trip.  This means (for me) that there really is a physiological reason why my mind feels like an unmolded lump of clay – I have once again hit my personal spill wall.  And hit is the operative word.

Today was a full day – went back to Audubon Aquarium and visited our VIP guests (as well as checked in with that fantastic staff headed up by Michele, Bob, Cara and Charlie), drove back to Houma (conference calling both directions in the car) and helped the OMTU A-team deal w/ a variety of planning obstacles. I will give a full accounting tomorrow (as I will not skip another day to do so).

I will leave you tonight with the numbers as of noon today: 289 turtles collected (of which 28 have been live oiled animals, 2 dead oiled animals, 18 live externally unoiled and 241 dead externally unoiled) and 33 dolphins stranded (of which 2 were live & externally unoiled, 1 dead externally oiled and 30 externally unoiled).

More tomorrow I promise, once the wall is in my rear-view mirror.  Thx.

– Mike

One thought on “Deepwater Horizon Day 47: Hello Wall, My Old Friend…

  1. I’m sorry for the multiple comments, but I feel I must correct myself quickly. I know your team deals specifically with sea turtles and marine mammals, so my question must be rephrased to, “WHO is heroically scooping these animals up and helping them as much as possible?” Thanks!

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