A farewell in trying times

Today is my last official day with the OWCN.  I have been here almost two years and have learned a lot about the oil spill response world.  One thing I have learned is that in this strange world of oil spill response, especially as it pertains to wildlife, there is a remarkably diverse and well qualified world-wide community that continues to challenge and improve our ability to rehabilitate oiled animals.  Today more than ever, with the Deepspring Horizon spill continuing to gush out record amounts of crude into the Gulf of Mexico impacting an increasing number of birds and other wildlife, I see the importance of our response community and the good things they are doing.   They will not save every oiled animal, but each one that they do save counts.

I will miss my great colleagues and friends here at the OWCN, UC Davis, OSPR, and beyond but I am also excited to begin at Audubon Alaska.  My address will be:

Audubon Alaska

441 West Fifth Avenue, Suite 300

Anchorage, AK 99501

907.276.7034 (tel)

Come and visit.

– Nils

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