Deepwater Horizon Day 55: The Wall Part II

Well, last night’s hiatus on the blog was a great thing, as I started out this morning fresh and rarin’ to go. However, as the day progressed, the Wall (which descended so inelegantly on me last night – and this was a Great Wall of China-sized wall) snuck it’s head back out and grabbed me while I wasn’t looking.  Thus, I must beg your forgiveness one more evening for a full and complete update.  Some highlights:

  • OMTU Status: The OMTU has seen a almost complete turnover since last we met.  Gone are the stellar Unit members Sarah Wilkin, Alexis Gutierrez and Lanni Hall, and in their respective places are Carrie Hubard, Sara McNulty and our own Kaiti Ferguson (yes, Kaiti gets to come join the party!).  Thx to all for such superlative work!
  • Turtles collected (as of 1200 14 Jun): 88 total live turtles (50 oiled); 333 total dead turtles (7 oiled)
  • Dolphins collected (as of 1200 14 Jun): 41 total dead dolphins (2 oiled)
  • Status of necropsies: 75 turtles and 14 dolphins done to date – no oil noted in or on any turtle evaluated, oil on 2 dolphins.

A full and complete report will be delivered tomorrow.  Until then, have a pleasant evening.

– Mike

One thought on “Deepwater Horizon Day 55: The Wall Part II

  1. Hi Mike – keep up the good work!
    I emailed you last week, CC to barbara schroeder, hoping to learn more about sea turtle necropsies. Thanks for posting the info today, and I will be looking FIRST THING AM for update and complete report. I worked w Dr. Dave Hinton and Dr Ron Tjeerdema while earning Ph.D. at UC Davis 1998-2003, and look forward to applying my toxicology+dispersant knowledge to help interpret Gulf wildlife responses.

    I now work for the non-profit Sea Turtle Restoration Project, at the headquarters in CA. I am collecting info on leading a trip to help, please contact me if you can.

    For the sea turtles!

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