Deepwater Horizon Day 63: Oil Spill Slang…

Apologies for being a bit remiss with the blog posts as of late. It’s a bit redundant to say that things have been busy, but they really have! I’ve noticed with this response that every day can be categorized as either “busy” or “crazy”. Just when you think you’ve checked something off your list ten more things get added. However, despite these conditions, I’ve allotted a bit of time to post a quick blog giving you guys a peak inside our world. Today we’ll be exploring oil spill slang. Below are some terms that I’ve heard thrown around here that I find to be either interesting, amusing, or a bit of both.

  • Tour of Duty: Referring to how many trips you’ve taken to respond.
    • Example: Hey Mike. You’re heading back home soon, right? Are you coming back for your third tour of duty?
  • VOOville: This is wonderful place where you can learn about Vessels of Opportunity.
    • Example: I’m heading to VOOville. Wish me luck. I need some VOOs!
  • Demob: This is a verb. It refers to a process someone who is leaving the Command Post must go through before boarding their flight or entering the car to return to home.
    • Example: Today’s Carrie’s last day. I hope she remembers to demob.
  • Day-Walker: This is a person who works the during the daytime.
    • Example: Hey Mark. Are you a day-walker with logistics?
  • Night-Walker: This is the opposite of a day-walker. This person works the night shift.
    • Example: Yup. I’m back on as a night-walker. You?
  • 213: Ahhh… the dreaded 213. This is a resource requisition form. There are three types of 213s: Personnel, Resource, and Equipment and Materials. You have to fill out a 213 for any resources purchased, rented, etc.
    • Example: These 213s are killing me, Kaiti! (Carrie said that to me once or twice).
    • Example: I like these 213s now that Kaiti made fill-able PDFs. (hooray!)
  • Alligator: An alleged reptile native to Louisiana that lives in the pond in front of the command post.
    • Example: Have you seen the alligator?
  • Off-campus: Physically leaving the command post for reasons other than sleeping.
    • Example: We’re going to dinner off-campus today! (Sara gets excited when we go off-campus)

Now that you’ve learned some Deepwater Horizon slang feel free to give it a try today.


2 thoughts on “Deepwater Horizon Day 63: Oil Spill Slang…

  1. Heh Kaiti,

    Nice primer on response slang.

    Are you guys putting these blogs together for post event publication? It’s fun seeing the alligator mentioned periodically. More seriously, the actual events are more compelling reading than the popular press’s less well substantiated reports.

    Pat……admiring the turtle work

  2. Hi, I really appreciate the interesting blog. I am sure you have a wide readership.

    The requirement to create a registration cuts down on the number of comments you receive–I am sure a lot more people read the blog than you know, they just don’t want to have to create yet another login to be able to comment.

    Take care, please keep letting us know how things really are on the ground.

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