Placentia Spill

Recovery efforts ended yesterday for the Placentia spill, but we still have three mallards in care at the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center.  Yesterday we washed two of them, and they are both doing well this morning.  Terri and Kelly are quite the crackerjack wash team!  Terri was in charge of the body and Kelly took charge of the head and neck, and they both worked incredibly quickly to get those two ducks washed and rinsed as fast as possible.  The Orange County Register came to take photos and video, and those can be found here and here.

There’s one more mallard who needs a second wash, and her bloodwork looks good this morning, so we will wash her tomorrow.  The team here is truly fantastic!  Although they have a lot of other animals in care, the oiled ducks are their priority and they are taking superb care of them.  Now much of the remaining work will have to be done by the ducks themselves — it’s preening time! Let’s hope they have a good work ethic, and get those feathers back into waterproof condition in the next few days.


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