Happy ducks

The final two mallards in care from the Placentia spill are doing well today.  We have one male and one female, and both are gaining weight, have improved respiratory parameters, and improved bloodwork.  Debbie tells me that they seem to feel better, too, which is always important.  One thing you learn quickly in medicine is to “treat the patient, not the bloodwork”!   Sometimes as doctors we can get too focused on the “objective” measurements, like bloodwork and weight, and forget that the subjective feeling of the patient is as or more important.  For a few days, these ducks have had improved bloodwork, but they still seemed to be a little down-and-out.  Now that they’ve had some sunshine therapy and another week of TLC from the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center’s staff, they are finally starting to look like happy ducks.  We’re still a little concerned about their feather quality, and they may need a second wash, but we’ll give them the weekend to do some more preening and reevaluate them next week.  I’m glad this was a small spill, as the product seemed awfully hard on what we usually think of as hardy mallards.


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