University Convocation

Mike Ziccardi at UC Davis Convocation 2010Here at the OWCN we are immensely proud that our very own Dr. Ziccardi will be speaking at the University Convocation tomorrow!  The university Chancellor will be presenting the campus vision statement, and then Mike will speak, as essentially the keynote speaker.  If you’re not enmeshed in the academic world, this may seem like an obscure event, but trust me, here at UC Davis speaking at Convocation is a great honor.  The entire university community is invited, and Mike will be speaking not only to the current campus community, but to the brand-new incoming students as they start their college career.  Mike’s coming back from the Gulf just for the day!  We’re all very excited, and if we’re lucky, we’ll get some good photos of Mike in his academic regalia to post tomorrow.  It starts at 10am tomorrow, and will be live-streamed here.


[photo of Mike Ziccardi speaking at Convocation added September 23. No regalia but notice the turtle pin.]

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