Fan mail

We get a lot of letters here at the OWCN.  Most of these letters are from school children and since I have started, I have made the effort to read every letter, since these kids have taken the time to write to us.  Because these letters are from children, they are of course very charming, but they are also surprisingly insightful.  I thought I would share some of the contents of these letters, so you can also enjoy them.

The first things to note about the letters that come in from children, is they are very polite.  I don’t think we have received a letter that doesn’t start with a thank you.  They are also filled with compliments, such as these ones.

  • You really ROCK!!!!! – Matgeesmann
  • Thank you for helping cleaning up the oil spill. You are saving fish and sharks and maybe whales. – Luke
  • Thank you for picking up the oil in the ocean. I know how gross it is to pick up oil with your hands. – Abby
  • Thank you very much for trying to clean up the oil on your own time. – Dena

The thank you notes and compliments are usually followed by some general observations.

  • Oil spills are not cool. – Joshua
  • The price of oil is going to go shooting up. – Angel
  • We taught that are military was invincible but military can’t stop this. – Cole referring to Deepwater Horizon

Drawing of sea otter in oil spillMany of the kids seem to genuinely care about the people involved and also have a lot of concern for the oil spill workers.

  • We studied the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, also, did your company help out down there? It would be a long ride from California. – Amanda
  • Plus you probably are not even asked to do it or if you wanted to. – Kennedy referring to the cleaning of oiled animals.
  • If you got paid how much money would you want? – David

They also have lots of good suggestions, that maybe we hadn’t thought of.

  • To prevent oil spills maybe build the boat stronger so if you hit a reef the oil won’t spill out. – Patrick
  • I have a suggestion that we should have back-up helicopters to come down and help as soon as possible. – Marisa

And lastly, they always want to know what they can do to help out.

  • How can kids help you clean up the oil spill and save all the animals and be a superhero like you? – Cheyann
  • Please let me know how I can be of service to you in the future. – Luke

There are always a few kids in each batch of letters that make sure to let us know that they want to protect wildlife when they grow up (When I grow up I want to have a job just like you. – Vanessa). Hopefully many of them will decide to go into wildlife protection and conservation.  And as a last note, thank you to all the staff and volunteers at all of the OWCN member organizations.  Your hard work has not gone unnoticed by these children from all across the country, and you have clearly become role models for the next generation of wildlife care workers.


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