Da Tang 18 Spill

The “Long Beach Harbor” spill of my previous post is now correctly known as the Da Tang 18 Spill, named after the source vessel.  OWCN’s Recovery and Transportation (R&T) teams ended their search efforts on Thursday evening.  Although no live oiled birds were brought into care, 1 unoiled and 4 visibly oiled dead birds were collected.  Cleanup operations in the harbor are continuing, and a temporary fishing ban in the area has been lifted. For continuing updates from the Department of Fish and Game you can visit the California Spill Watch website, which provides information on all current oil spills.  As always, if you have a report of oiled wildlife the number to call is 877-UCD-OWCN.

As if one real-time spill wasn’t enough for us, here at UC Davis the OWCN staff conducted a “tabletop” internal spill response drill.  We cooked up a  scenario involving a coastal diesel spill in Northern California.  From our conference room seats, we worked through logistics ranging from activating Recovery and Transportation teams, to packing our stabilization trailer for a long drive north, to locating a supplier of night smelt for the hungry critters that would be arriving at our doors.  This was my first spill drill and I found it enormously helpful to identify and work through all the logistics involved in mobilizing an oil spill response.  A big thank you to everyone who answered our early morning calls and participated in our drill!

– Emily

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