Dominguez Channel Oil Spill

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and is ready to start the new year with renewed energy.  I know that not everyone had such a relaxing break however, with various reports of miscellaneous oiled birds and wet and cold pelicans at several of the rehabilitation centers.  I know that many of you put in long hours over the holidays to care for these birds.  Thank you for your dedication and passion for wildlife.

As Mike mentioned in the previous blog, it wasn’t an entirely oil-free holiday.  OWCN was activated on December 22 for a small spill in the Dominguez Channel, just north of San Pedro.  One team from IBRRC San Pedro was deployed for field operations and was on scene early in the morning on December 23.  They recovered three oiled birds:  one Pied-billed grebe, which died, and two American Coots.  The coots were stabilized, washed, and remain in care.  One of them will be released tomorrow, and the other one will remain in care until further notice.

As of today, no responsible party has been identified, and the source of the spill remains unknown, although the Unified Command is continuing its investigation.

So, on that happy note, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!


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