Online Training Series Changes

Hello Everyone!

As Mike mentioned in his previous blog, 2011 is bringing changes to the OWCN online training program.  We are very excited about these changes and anticipate that this switch will make the program much easier.

The first change you will notice will be a move from live (and later recorded) webinars, to training modules.  We will be moving to a program that will allow us to create presentations that will still contain the PowerPoint slides and spoken lectures you saw in the webinars, but will allow for easier inclusion of video clips, interactive exploration of the topic, and the ability to go at your own pace or repeat information you just heard.  The topics will also be divided up into several shorter presentations, rather than just the five two-hour webinars, to make it easier to find time to complete each training module.  Also, look for a few new topics in the series.

Another change that I think you will all enjoy is that these training modules will be available to view year round.  We realize that not everyone can fit the webinars into their schedule, and we want to make our online training available to everyone who is interested.

We are currently beginning work on converting the first of these training modules, so please check the blog regularly for updates.  Expect the first few to be available sometime this spring with the rest coming up throughout the year.

We look forward to your participation in our 2011 online training series!

– Becky

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